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Gas Drops? — The Bump.

20/05/2010 · I read on kellymom that gripe water is a bad idea for BF babies. Also, my experience is that they soothed the crap out of my son, but constipated him for a day. I think it was the sugar that was so soothing to him. We switched to gas drops, but it's hard to say if they are working. Gas and tummy trouble can mean a lot of pain for baby, but remedies like gripe water can help relieve your little one's discomfort. Learn more about gripe water. I think the non-alcohol gripe water works very well. I too had a colicy baby and it seemed to help him settle a bit. They also have a lot of natural alternatives as well that you could find at a natural food store. Can I give water to my 4 month old baby?,answer:Guidelines for offering water to breastfed babies. We've used the gripe water and it kinda works, but not really. I've read about the simethicone. His problem seems to be more in the intestinal tract getting the poo out, rather than reflux or burping. It seems the simethicone works better for reflux/burping? I've also read about probiotics being helpful?

I’m curious what other pediatricians out there are recommending in terms of introducing water to your infant. Our DD just had her 4 mo wellness visit today and her ped said we can be giving her water by bottle at night before bed. She recommend I stop nursing to sleep and giving her water to clean her mouth of the milk before sleeping. Gripe water is made with natural herbs. Mainly fennel seedsI belive. I started giving her Gripe water once a day and her gas pains went away. Also, i was told by my mom who used gripe water on me that is was also great for teething so I continued giving it to her through her teething stage and she never had any problems. Hope this helps, M.

17/12/2009 · does anybody have experience with gripe water?!? my son is 8wks now and screams his little head off after feedings, hes gassy all the time and has major hiccups as well. Hello DD suffers from trapped wind and gripe water is the absolute business for her - however she has got wise to me giving it to her and will do anything to avoid imbibing it - I have tried to explain it's for her own good but she won't listen! Gripe water saved us at times. I used Baby's Bliss Gripe Water. I got it at a natural health food store in Delray Beach on Atlantic Ave. I don't know if your daughter uses a pacifier but I would carry around a smaller container with gripe water and constantly dip his pacifier in it when he got grumpy. I went through lots of bottles of gripe. These Gas Relief Drops. contain real medication unlike Gripe Water which is herbs and water. This medication breaks up gas bubbles in your baby’s stomach–theoretically. The problem is that neither Gripe Water or Simethicone have been proven more effective in treating colic.

How best to administer gripe water to a 7 wk old.

Can I give water to my 4 month old baby?__2018.

So, what diaper cream do my moderately crunchy mamas use? I have coconut oil but I was something more substantial just in case! Also, is there any. Hi, II was wondering if anyone had any opinions on Colic in a breastfed baby. I've read a few articles suggesting that it can be due to the baby getting too much foremilk / not getting enough hind milk through changing breasts too early. I breastfed my son and NEVER changed sides during a feed - only on the next feed would I offer the other. When my baby was that age I swore the Gripe water worked great for the gas and he rested very well. I too felt like the dose was a lot so I gave half first to see how he did and it worked with just half the dose but never made him lethargic but slept well since he wasn't gassy anymore. If you want to know, Gripe water is an herbal medicine believed to relieve little ones of gas, reflux, and other stomach problems. Since the hiccups came from the upset of his diaphragm, just try giving your kiddo some Gripe and see if it works.

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